JLC Easter Camps

The Junior Language Club Düsseldorf offers its signature Language Camps (English, German and other languages) during the Easter Break at public schools in NRW.

Pre-Schoolers (09:15 – 13:15)

3,5- to 4,5-year-olds
5- to 6-year-olds
6- to 7-year-olds

School-Age Kids (09:15 – 13:15)

7- to 8-year-olds
9- to 10-year-olds
11- to 12-year-olds

Teens (13:30 – 17:30)

12,5- to 13,5-year-olds
13,5- to 14,5-year-olds
15- to 16-year-olds

JLC Camps during the Easter School Break

Easter Camps 2024: March 25 – 28 and April 2 – 5, 2024

At the Junior Language Club, we speak only in the target language to be learned or strengthened. Depending on the language camp, only in English, German, Spanish, French or Italian. Led by exclusively native-speaking instructors, the Easter program includes either songs, crafts or making fun language videos, depending on the age group, and a shared lunch or afternoon snack for teens.

Kids learn languages without even realizing it! In addition, our trainers go into detail about how Easter is celebrated in other countries. Why do we look for Easter eggs in Germany, but not in Spain? Lots of interesting stories about Easter.

On the last day of our Easter program for children in Düsseldorf, we go on an excursion. We play on the Rhine or do a language rally. The little ones can go to the Bobbolino, for example. If we have to forego the excursion, we will replace it with equally interesting and exciting alternatives on site.

Age groups of the JLC camps

We organize our summer camps for children from preschool age (from about 4 years old) to mid-teen age (about 16 years old). The groups are not only composed according to the level, but we also take great care that the age range among the participants does not exceed approx. 1.5 years.

One Goal, Three Ways:

We offer three different camps at the same times: the usual Regular Camps, the more intensive Camps Plus, and the popular Premium Camps. “Plus” and “Premium” here means: fewer participants, more ambitious learning goals, more intensive and effective, more determined and faster to success!

Regular Camps

  • Min. 8 to max. 10 participants
  • Main focus: Interactive communication, age-appropriate interesting, varied activities and games.

Camps Plus

  • Min. 6 to max. 7 participants
  • Main focus: Free speaking and active listening, meaningful variety of learning-oriented activities with fun & games.

Premium Camps

  • Min. 3 to max. 5 participants
  • Main Focus: the very small number of participants enables the immersion effect; individual commitment ensures learning success.


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Fit for School – with JLC

Our motto – “Speaking languages through play” – is and will remain the cornerstone of our concept, but this year we are writing this heading in a very big way: “Fit for school”. This means that we will make even more of an effort to complement everything that the children learn at school – and perhaps didn’t really get to learn this year – with communicative activities, and also to fill in the gaps that have arisen.

We will continue to remember to have fun with the children and motivate them through relevant, age-appropriate activities, because we know very well: motivated learning increases learning success tenfold! But this time, more often than usual, we will take up and work through topics from “classical” learning. We want our children to be better at the beginning of the school year, as well as during the school year, and fitter in the target language. Our intensive camp weeks with highly motivated and experienced native-speaking teachers make it possible!

Our Bonus for You:


No Registration Fees

We do not charge any additional registration or processing fees.


No Hidden Costs

We provide all the materials your kids will need free of charge.


Specials and Discounts

E.g., discounts for siblings, early-bird and multiple-week specials, etc.

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