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German School Made Easy
Zur Schule gehen leicht gemacht

Pre-Schoolers & Year 0

We gradually introduce our pre-schoolers to school-relevant topics and concepts and prepare them for their enrollment – August 2025 or August 2026…

Grades 1 – 3

Our groups for grades 1, 2 and 3 support the kids in working on school related materials to ensure that the relevant topics are better comprehended…

Grade 4

In the German school system, Grade 4 is a cricial pivoting point, and we focus our attention on preparing our young learners for what lies ahead…

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German School Made Easy!

Zur Schule gehen leicht gemacht

Is your child ready for school in Germany? The Junior Language Club offers weekly special German group classes designed for pre-school and school age children who need support in learning German in order to fit in better at school, both educationally and socially.

We introduce the children to the German language and culture through immersive lessons and various activities. The children are divided into groups according to their year of enrolment or school class, and suitable teaching material is used as a guide in each group.

The children from all over the world are placed in groups according to their school grade (or the date they start school). They come together to prepare for the challenges of German school (Grundschule), develop social, linguitic and motoric skills and to consolidate the relevant topics.

Our Groups Start on September 02, 2024:








Our German Group Classes

“How To” German School

Our German group classes run over the course oft the school year (September 2024 – June 2025). The minimum number of participants is 5 and the maximum 10. Course entry is possible at any time, provided spots are available.

Our Groups – take a Closer Look:

Pre-Schoolers – School Starting 2026

Our toddlers have their first encounters with the German language through play – in small, age-appropriate groups, and always with lots of fun and enjoyment.

Our youngest learners/students learn with all their senses, for example by combining certain words with movement. Through this combination of hearing, seeing and feeling, the learning content is absorbed holistically. The children sing, play, clap, stamp, paint or do handicrafts. These different approaches to the foreign language enable a natural, dynamic division of the lesson. Phases of concentration are followed by phases of relaxation, and movement games are followed by quiet activities.

The holistic approach not only focuses on practicing a language, but on the child as a whole. Language is experienced through action, play, movement and perception. For this reason, the children’s feelings, experiences and wishes are also addressed and taken into account in language lessons.

Teaching materials: Hand puppets, audio recordings, play sheets, picture books, music, handicrafts, picture cards, coloring, memo cards, experiments for the senses, games for the senses, movement games.

Aim: The children develop a feeling for a new language in a playful way and without pressure to perform. Memory, concentration, oral and fine motor skills and speech rhythm are trained. This supports their openness to communicate with peers as well as adults and to make friends.

Year 0 – School Starting 2025 (Vorschule)

Our preschoolers are introduced to the school topics of the first grade in a fun way while also developing their German to be able to socialize at school.

Our young learners awaiting to start school next school year are slowly introduced to typical forms of teaching and communication with teachers and classmates. The kids work on improving the German vocabulary to facilitate open communication and to enable them to follow along at school. The designated material supports the kids in preparing for what will be expected of them in the different subjects. Key skills like teamwork, fine-motor skills, taking initiative and independent learning are practiced.

Teaching materials: Practice books targeted specifically towards children preparing for their first year at school. Materials cover German as a language and general preparation for the first grade. Also songs and music, language games, crafts, short films, sound games and role-playing games.

Aim: The children are familiarized with the necessary language skills to follow along and enjoy lessons at school; socializing skills ensure an inclusion with peers and adults.

Grades 1 – 3 (German Grundschule)

Our groups for grades 1, 2 and 3 support the kids in working on school related materials to ensure that the relevant topics are comprehended while still focusing on developing necessary language and social skills. In addition to sensory perception, the use of writing and the training of self-learning techniques come into play. Typical teaching elements such as grammar, sentence structure, listening comprehension, reading skills, text comprehension, pronunciation.

The first-graders we focus on ensuring a comfortable transition into their school life.

Teaching materials: Worksheets, audio recordings, song lyrics and music, language games, learning posters, short films, writing games, dictionaries, role-playing games.

Aim: The children are introduced to the foreign language in depth; their language skills are gradually expanded and an independent learning attitude is practiced. In this way, our language trainers teach responsibility for independent learning. Through considering the students’ personalities and  interests the openness to speaking increases and language inhibitions are minimized.

Grade 4 (German Grundschule)

The fourth-graders get an insight into the next step of their school path and are prepared for the “weiterführende Schule.”

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Hurry up: register before August 1, 2024 and get the “Early Bird” discount!

The registration for our German Group Classes for the school year 2024-25 is now open for all 6 groups (Preschoolers, Year 0 and Grades 1 thru 4). Slots in each group are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


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No Registration Fees

We do not charge any additional registration or processing fees.

Referral Benefits

We reward our active members with member referral benefits – cf. Q&A below for details.

Specials and Discounts

E.g., “Early-Bird” specials, extension discounts for current course participants, for siblings, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the “Early Bird” Discount work?

The “Early Bird” Discount for the Academic Year 2024-25 automatically applies to the registraions received before August 1, 2024.

How does the Referral Benefit work?

Our current members actively participating in our German Group Classes are encouraged to refer new course participants to us. Once the new member they referred completes their registration and starts participating in our German Group Course program, the referring member will receive a Referral bonus in the amount of € 40,00. This bonus is credited to their account and may be used toward any JLC invoices. 

Is there a demo / trial lesson?

Participation in our German Group Courses is possible only upon prior completion of our Registration Form and admittance into the program. However, all our new course participants have the option to withdraw their registration no later than 24 hours after their first lesson. Should this be the case, the invpoice will be issued for that one lesson only, and the contract will be cancelled. 

Do current participants get a special discount for extending into the next school year?

Yes: our current course participants may pre-register for the following school year at a special, 20% discounted rate. For the school year 2024-25, such Extension Registrations must be received by Sunday, July 7, 2024.

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